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As a business owner, it's very challenging to try and run your business, while concurrently attempting to sell it. But selling an operational business is more efficiently managed by a professional business intermediary. A business broker who is experienced in execution of business transfer and is devoted to the task. Buying or selling a business demands a high level of expertise, which only a seasoned business broker can provide. Selling a business is not a part-time activity, it takes time, effort and skill. We use a comprehensive 12 Step Process when approaching the sale of your business, to ensure accuracy, value and success. Nothing is ever left to chance.


12 Step Process to Selling a Business


  • Prepare Business Valuation
  • Prepare Confidential Selling Memorandum
  • Prepare the Business Marketing Plan
  • Preparation for Buyer Due Diligence
  • Designation of Transaction Team
  • Transition Planning
  • Target Potential Purchaser
  • Qualify Target Buyers
  • Manage Buyers and Analyze Offers
  • Prepare Draft Agreements
  • Final Due Diligence and Offer Reconciliation
  • Closing Process


We develop a tailored plan and directly market your business through many promotional channels, including multiple websites, our global broker networks which means that you have a powerful network of business brokers working with us to identify the right qualified buyer and direct approach strategies to key personnel in companies seeking acquisition targets. Using our banking and financing contacts to assist the sale, we can work the prospective buyer to arrange favorable financing, including traditional financing, small business loans (SBA) or using non-traditional lender.

Service and Expertise

Rochester Busines Brokers | Doug MabonNothing is left to chance
For business owners considering the sale of their company, there are a number of formal process steps to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Each is critical and cannot be rushed to ensure a quality transaction.
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Kinney Brokerage provides a range of brokerage services catering to small commercial businesses, commercial real estate, and restaurant and catering industry in the Central and Western New York areas, including Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo Areas.


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