Rochester Business Brokers | Buying a Business Buying a Business is Not an Easy Task We know it's a frustrating experience trying to find the right business to buy, that's why we have structured a step by step process to help you in this task. Whether you're an individual or a company, our brokers can show you how we can help you find the business that meets your needs. Not every business is right for you, but we do repsesent high quality businesses that Steps to Buying a Business Call one of our experienced Broker Intermediaries today at 315-869-0215 or send us an email and let us know what type of business you are looking for and the best time and method to contact you. Your confidentiality is always assured.

Step by Step Process

Rochester Busines Brokers | Planning to Buy a BusinessPlanning to Buy
Not every business is right for you, but we do represent high quality businesses that may may match your need. The following steps are to assist you in the process of finding and buying the right business.....
Rochester Business Brokers | Finding a Business is Serious BusinessFinding a Business is a Serious Business
Most potential small-business buyers start out first by reading the newspaper ad's and searching the web looking for businesses that might interest them, but that's putting the horse before the cart, find out why....






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Kinney Brokerage provides a range of brokerage services catering to small commercial businesses, commercial real estate, and restaurant and catering industry in the Central and Western New York areas, including Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo Areas.


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