Located in the heart of Central New York State, Kinney Brokerage offers a wide range of Brokerage Services serving Small Commercial Business Owners, Commercial Property Owners and Restaurant Owners. Kinney Brokerage has been helping people buy and sell businesses for over twenty years. Engage the services of a Licensed Professional Broker that can help you sell your real property, as well as your business.


Kinney Brokerage can also help value your business, to ensure you get the right price and sell it as quickly as possible. Remember, we have been small business owners ourselves, which is a great question to ask other brokerage firms. We have the most up-to-date tools, expertise, and knowledge and affliations to make us your first and only choice. Kinney Brokerage covers south to the Pennsylvania State line, north to Canada, West to Rochester and Buffalo and east to Utica–Rome area.


Commercial Real Estate-Kinney Brokerage


The commercial real estate market comprises; commercial office buildings, retail establishments and industrial facilities.  Kinney Brokerage is a fully licensed commercial real estate broker and equipped to handle the entire commercial real estate segment. Kinney Brokerage works with buyers and/or sellers. Depending on preference and financing, leasing is a way to not tie up funds and easier to start and expand. On the other hand, a purchase allows the buyer to enjoy more tax benefits. In the right location commercial reals estate can be a profitable business for the property owner who understands the dynamics of this industry.


Commercial Businesses-Kenny Brokerage


Commercial businesses run a gamut, from street traders with modest revenue to mid-market firms around 50,000,000 dollars in revenue. The major segments are retail, commercial and industrial operations. Regardless of size, every business has to be well organized and managed if it wishes to remian in business. From a restaurant to a machine shop, to an elaborate distribution firm, nothing matters more than cash flow, as this is the heart that keeps it ticking. Kinney Brokerage understands how to work with all types of clients to create the right match. It is in a unique position to assist owners of businesses who wish to sell their businesses, as well as the property that own which houses their company.


Restaurants & Catering-Kinney Brokerage


The restaurant profession is held in high esteem. It is a hospitality member, but with markets ranging from hot dogs facilities to fine dining. Each segment has it own attributes, which for the studious operator can be very profitable. In fact, buyers need not have restaurant experience, as some of the most successful people have no food service background at all, but are expert managers. From a comfort zone perspective, a buyer has an option to buy a franchise or create their own operation to enjoy the fruits of their labor. On the other hand, catering is less demanding than an a' la carte restaurant and may be more appealing to a novice buyer and /or family operation.






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Kinney Brokerage-About Our Firm
Kinney Brokerage provides a range of brokerage services catering to small commercial businesses, commercial real estate, and restaurant and catering industry in the Central and Western New York areas, including Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo Areas.


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