Michael Kinney

President, Kinney Brokerage

Mike Kinney

Michael is a fully licensed Real Estate Broker in New York State, and president and principal broker of Kinney Brokerage. Michael has over ten years experience as Real Estate Broker, with special emphasis on the hospitality industry.


Michael's formal education and experience is predominantly in the hospitality industry with over forty years in the food and beverage sector. Ranging from sous chef, chef manager, country club manager, casino food and beverage manager, and culinary arts instructor.


Michael had owned and operated his own restaurant for over ten years, which enables him to offer restaurant owners a variety of consulting services to increase their sales, decrease costs and improve productivity. These services comprise: business plan preparation, budget formulation, promotional marketing strategies, and menu development. He has also delivered lectures at BOCES on business ownership.


As a former Restaurant Owner and Chef, Michael has catered thousands of events, ranging in size from 12 individuals to over 2,000 people, plus several parties of over 1,000 people off-premises with no kitchen support. Michael has helped set, design, and implement many restaurants, from food carts to fine dining.


Michael and the firm frequently offer advice to improve operations and garner the highest price for businesses. His consulting business motto is "we will help fix and/or sell it". Michael‘s background in food service spans a range of market segments, from food carts to fine dining, and C-stores - supermarket fresh food departments.


From his many years of practical "hands-on" experience, Michael has seen numerous inexperienced brokers attempt to sell food service operations, but it takes a seasoned professional with deep restaurant exprience, coupled with brokerage experience, to make it happen...Michael really understands the world of business and what a small business owner goes through on a daily basis to run their companies. 






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Kinney Brokerage provides a range of brokerage services catering to small commercial businesses, commercial real estate, and restaurant and catering industry in the Central and Western New York areas, including Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo Areas.


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